Baby Choina // Birth // Marion, Ohio

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Thaiden Oliver // Birth Story

Happy Birthday Thaiden

To put into words how incredible of an experience it is to witness a birth is hard. It is so much more then just the birth itself. Its the moments leading up to it just as much as the moments after. I arrived at the hospital a little after 7pm. We just chatted up about Lake Erie, life, fun wedding moments (she is a photographer too and dad DJs occasionally!) slowly Amberlin was feeling those contractions get stronger. By 9pm we were in the waiting room waiting for her to get her epidural. Dad & I are sitting there talking when a nurse runs out "hurry up he is almost here!!" If you watch the video you will see how quickly things progressed! As soon as we got to her side it was 2 pushes and he was here!!! All of us with tears in our eyes thinking how quickly events changed! I spent the next hour with them holding Thaiden, feeding, measuring, admiring, and loving.