Kayla & David // Sunset Engagement // InnisWoods Metro Park

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You know you just meet couples and you are like "damn, these two are going to have a beautiful wedding and beautiful life together". That is Kayla and David! They are so laid back and we seriously did nothing but laugh the entire session. When Kayla booked with me she knew exactly where she wanted her engagement portraits and I think InnisWoods was a great pick! 


How we met

"I was in my last year of college at the University of Cincinnati. My roommate invited me to come to a small get together at her friends apartment. I walked and took the only seat available next to this nerdy guy. As the night went on he made a lasting impression on me. We exchanged snapchats and eventually around 4am I headed home. When I got home I had a snapchat with his phone number. I was so excited! From that day on not a day went by that we didn't talk." -Kayla

How he proposed

"It was the night before her birthday, we went to dinner at M in downtown Columbus. I reserved a special table with a curtain around it so it could just be the two of us. I had a bag with her birthday present in it and she was dying to open it. We ordered our dinners and some drinks and enjoyed our meal. I made her wait until after dinner to open her present to build the suspense. After dinner was over she opened the gift and it was tickets to the broadway musical, Wicked. The tickets were for a show that night. The show was at the Ohio Theater and the time period took place before The Wizard of Oz and it was really interesting! As the night was coming to an end, I asked her to walk around the Scioto Mile Park. It was dark and the city was lit up with street lights. We walked to the middle of the bride to look at the skyline. The view of the city buildings and lights reflected into the water and looked breathtaking. I had thought about what I would say but, didn't realize how nervous I would be until I was standing on the bridge with my hand in my pocket touching the ring. I waited until she turned away from me and as she turned back around I was on one knee. I said, "I've done a lot of thinking lately and I know that you are my one and only. Kayla, will you marry me?" I asked. Before I was finished she was in tears and shaking. She wrapped her arms around me and said, "Of course!". -David