Jessica & Zach // Downtown Buckeye Sunset Engagement // Ohio State Stadium // Columbus, Ohio

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Ashleys bucket list:

-Photograph an engagement with an awesome couple on the OSU football field

I can now cross this off my list! Most the time I tend to be the one leading the adventure as we explore a location for an engagement session. But, I have not spent that much time on campus so I let these two lead the way! We had a BLAST!!! We ran around the stadium in awe doing fun laid back portraits. Then they changed into a dressier outfit to walk around the oval and show me some of my new FAVORITE locations to work at!! The weather has been so iffy lately but, we had a gorgeous sunset and chased the light between the trees. It was SO romantic!! I highly recommend you head down to the Thompson Library one evening just to walk around and enjoy its beauty. These two are getting married next May in New Albany and after spending the evening with them I can already tell their wedding day is going to be magical <3

How We Met: "We met during our undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University. The first time we met was in our first semester on main campus where we had multiple classes together. Little did I know Zach always had his eye on me and I always had my eye on Zach.  I was a bit awkward and found myself too nervous and avoided most interactions following failed attempts at normal conversation. To Zach, I looked uninterested, and to me I had no idea why I forgot how to talk to a man I found attractive. One fateful day I sat next to a saved seat for none other than Zach. After over a year of my hiding, Zach took one final chance and started up a conversation. The conversation led to an email, followed by exchanged phone numbers, then study dates that turned into date dates, and the rest is history. He loves to pretend like he doesn’t recall me embarrassing myself in the beginning, but casually throws hints into our inside jokes today." 
How He Proposed: "This past fall I started graduate school in addition to working full time. In order to maintain the relationship with a super busy schedule Zach and I agreed on the “date night” rule. When work and studying gets to be too much we take a night out just the two of us and talk about anything except work and school. When the semester came to a close just before Christmas, Zach called “date night” but kept the details to himself as a surprise. Keeping details a surprise wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary. From time to time Zach likes to surprise me. 
He told me to wear a nice dress and ended up taking me to Ocean Club saying it was to celebrate good grades and the end of a difficult semester. He was acting a bit odd but gave no real indications of a proposal. Given that I graduate in 2020, I had assumed the proposal would follow grad school; little did I know I was in for the shock of my life. After dessert we decided to go home because he wanted me to open one Christmas gift early. After bringing out what was possibly the largest box he could find, I opened it to find a plaque that read “to new beginnings” and when I moved the box he was on one knee with he ring. In literal shock I responded with “of course”, and after being told “you have to say yes” I reworded to the proper “Yes”."