Allie & Jake // Sunset Woodland Engagement // Innis Woods // Westerville, Ohio

oh deer photography // wedding photographer // columbus, ohio

I met Allie at a photoshoot over a year ago and we became friends right away. We both were engaged and decided to swap services for our weddings! My fun was last year now this year is all about them! As photographers we really do not get in front of the camera as much as we should. So it was natural for them to be a little nervous! Well, they totally slayed their session!! We walked the entire main path of the park and found some cool ass spots to shoot at! I cannot wait for their October wedding!! 

How they met (in Jakes own words) -"7 Years ago it started as a Facebook message. We talked back and forth for a while then finally met each other one day when I drove to her grandparents house. It was funny because we had went to the same school and knew some of the same people but had never met. A few short hours later we both knew that this was for the long haul and and we have never looked back. ( she was secretly always interested in me her yearbook had a heart around my picture.) One day later, we were saying our “I love you's”. -Jake

How he proposed (in Allies own words) -"2 years into our relationship we decided to move in together to advance our relationship. When we moved in together, combined we had way more stuff than two people needed. I was worried about not having enough space and he knew it. One night while I was away at school, Jake decided to take the plunge. When I got home I went straight back to our bedroom to get changed and put up my books, and there in the room was a new dresser. On the top of the dresser was a note for me “now that we’re starting our lives together”... and then I opened the top drawer and there was a little box. Inside the box was another note asking me to spend forever with the love of my life. I started crying and when I turned around there her was asking me to marry him. Now here we are five years later ready to officially be married!" -Allie