Salina & Kyle // Engagement // Ash Cave Logan, Ohio

oh deer photography // wedding and films // columbus, ohio

I met up with these two at Ash Cave and if you know me at all-- you will know I got married here! So it always has a special place in my heart! She wanted moody AF so why not shoot in the cave at dark? That is exactly what we did and it was awesome!

oh deer photography // wedding and films // columbus, ohio

How they met

“It was Friday night at the mall. Some friends and I were hanging out and one of them wanted to meet up with his girlfriend. His girlfriend showed up with a friend. She only said a few words to me that night, “Wow, you’re tall”. I only responded with “I know.” About a year later, I said a few more words. I never thought that those words would lead to a marriage, but I’m glad they did.”  -Kyle 

How he proposed

“He proposed in the most “Kyle” way possible. We came home from a concert, put our comfy clothes on, I took my makeup off and curled up on the couch. Then he said “I got you something from the store, hold on.” As I sat on the couch hopefully awaiting a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, there he was on one knee. “I just couldn’t wait” he said. I think our puppies were just as excited. “  -Salina