Tiffany & Kris // Engagement // Indianapolis, Indiana

oh deer photography // weddings and films // columbus, ohio

These cuties have such history already together. They came to Indiana from Wisconsin! I made it a weekend trip to meet up with them and shoot downtown.  

oh deer photography // weddings and films // columbus, ohio

How we met

Tiffany and I first met in freshman year of high school, because we had mutual friends. It wasn't until the following year that we properly met. We had English and Geometry classes together. We were sat across the room for each other, and I would space out on her because she stood out from everyone else; I didn't know why, but I just wanted to befriend her. I would "accidentally" break the tips of my pencils, so I could walk past her to sharpen my pencil and use that as an excuse to introduce myself and talk to her. After we started to talk to each other more, she moved her seat closer to mine in Geometry class, and when we went to computer labs, she sat right beside me. Throughout the year, we would hang out with each other, so long as other friends were with us. By the time summer started, we were hanging out alone and then started to date. -Kris

How he proposed

Kris and I have been together six years. We were both college students so we’ve always talked about getting a ring, but had to save up for one. Even a year into our relationship, I knew he was the one; and we had a little bear piggy bank that he got me for Valentines day as a way to save for our “engagement fund”. The day Kris proposed was July 6th, 2017. He was eager to give me my ring since it was made online and we had to wait for it to come. We were a few weeks away from our yearly Indy trip to Indypopcon. We went to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Milwaukee, WI which is our favorite band. We went up in the skylift before the concert and I was scared of heights. Out of nowhere when we were up in the sky lift, a heavy thunderstorm started. He held me tight and said “If I had the ring I would propose to you right now. You are so beautiful and mean the world to be. Even the rain can’t get rid of the gorgeous smile.” A few weeks later, we finally got our engagement ring in the mail. It was everything I wanted and it was unique to me. Opal and all it was perfect. We got to Indianapolis and Kris would tease me all day and night about when he would finally officially propose to me that weekend. He finally did when my nerves got the best of me and I told him I just wanted to be his fiance already. He got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me soon after we arrived at our Indy hotel. We celebrated the weekend and our engagement with our closest friends. It was an unforgettable weekend. -Tiffany